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Megan Mullally Mashers
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Love Megan? Well then, I am more than happy to welcome you to the Megan Mullally mashers page!

What's a masher? A lover, adorer, worshipper, and if you fit this description for our little NutMeg, then welcome!

In this community you can post your loving rants about Megan as well as any upcoming Megan events you know about. Make sure you put your icons, banners, colorbars, and fanfics up here too! (Though please remember if they're big, to lj cut them!)

Please note! No posts requesting Megan MP3s-- its illegal to use an LJ community (or just a regular journal for that matter) for any kinda mp3 trading. Requests for TV based items are fine, as that's publically avaliable material but any studio or bootlegged mp3s are a strict no.

Thanks everyone and ENJOY!!