Miss Leah (37_soul_sister) wrote in meganmashers,
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Young Frank

The soundtrack to Young Frankenstein is now available on iTunes!!!


I haven't seen the show yet, but this just made the wait much easier!
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Megan has a new show? fill me in please! :)
You haven't heard that Mel Brooks made a musical out of Young Frankenstein? And Megan's playing Elizabeth. It's on Broadway right now. I haven't seen it yet, but apparently it's really funny. And I just saw that they have the soundtrack to it on iTunes. So if you have iTunes, I'd recommend picking it up.
No I hadnt! thanks for letting me know :)
'Please Don't Touch Me' is my favorite. I loved how she got to say tits the way she did and in the middle of the stage on a riser of stairs. LoL... I like your icon. I was trying to find a pic of her wearing that wig on Google and had no luck. Bleah. I have to get the soundtrack too. Might be an after Christmas present. Glad you're enjoying it! :-)
holy crap!
I need to get that on an actual CD!!
The show is fabulous. I was lucky and had a friend who won the lottery twice, so I saw it twice in previews. Megan was amazing as well as the rest of the cast.